Saturday, February 04, 2006


Sploozing into Commercial Pilothood

4 sessions down. One more with my instructor, and a checkride then I'll be officially licensed by the federal government to endanger the general public in light aircraft, and get PAID for it.

I'm enjoying the American Flyers program here in Pompano Beach very much. My instructor, Peter, is a good ol' 30ish local kind of guy. Very laid back, a good natural stick totally stoked on flying, and quite happy to have a student who's not going to try to kill him and is somewhat on the ball. We're really bonding well, in the air and on the ground. His attitude with me seems to be "Hey, if a Doofus like me can do this, so can you, so let's have some fun!" I appreciate that, because I've always considered myself a complete Doofus.

The Commercial Pilot maneuvers are very cool. I seem to have them pretty well wired. I really like 8's on Plyons. I had the most trouble with Lazy 8's, but today they really dropped into place. Everything else is right there; the knowledge stuff, the takeoffs and landings, Steep turns, slow flight, the complex procedures, emergency procedures, communications, and what-not.

More studying to do for the Oral and I'll be good to go.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Well, it ain't the Four Seasons...

I'm now ensconced in my humble abode, the Fairfield Inn. It's a kind of third tier hotel on the tawdry strip known as Federal Highway in North Ft. Lauderdale. The American Flyers students seem to be housed in "Dorm rooms" off a second floor utility hallway. Down at the end of the hall is a door with a hand painted sign that says, "Knights of the Round Table, Private Club, Members Only" Wonder what that's all about?

The room is a bit tattered and tired. It is marginally clean, but had no toilet paper or wastepaper basket when I showed up. Those problems were immediately rectified by the staff. What they couldn't rectify was the gaping hole where the TV should be.

Hmmmm, now where did that darn TV go??

The room definitely needs an airing out. The odor of cigarettes is not quite overpowering, but definitely cloying. I'll deal with it tomorrow.

I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Big day tomorrow. 0900 at American Flyers to begin my Comm finish-up.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


In a mild state of freakout

OK, This is my first blog post and I am definitely in a mild state of freakout. Tomorrow I Fly to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl to begin my journey on the road to professional aviation. 40 days from now, I'll have my Commercial license and my Certificated Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor licenses. A lot to chew on... Now I gotta put my money where my mouth is.

Eventually, I'd like to fly freight like my friend John (Freight Dog Tales), so lets just say that at this point, I'm like a newborn puppy still wet behind the ears.

Here goes nothin'!

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